*1991, lives and works in Geneva
studio : Clos de la Fonderie 7, 1227 Carouge

A set of tools and instruments which measure, list, classify, organise and archive data which constitue the essence of my work while stressing the diversion of pre-existing systems. According to a pre-determined process, the object of study is probed, then reduced to its simplest aesthetic form, before bringing fullness to its formal skeleton through repetitive gestures and reproductions that inevitably end up causing variations. Each of the repeated movement becomes mechanical, like an industrial machinery.

It is about scales, numbers and classifications and to exhaust their logical systems until they become absurd. Serial and administrative aesthetics result from these combinations. While each project consists of a set of concrete variations, they often reach a point where the produced form exceeds the intended result, like an open score. These protocols add a sensitive and organic touch to the tension between control and excess. This way, the finished object and its process function are intimately bound, by the interdependent nature of the relationship between a unique element and its whole.

Solo exhibitions

2023In situ intervention in public space, Hameau du vieux Fossard, Geneva (upcoming)
2020Espaces témoins, Andata Ritorno gallery, Geneva
2019Point O, Salle Crosnier, Geneva
2018Autonomie, Zabriskie Point, Geneva

Group exhibitions and interventions

2022Atlas arboricole, Villa Bernasconi, Geneva
2021Intervention : telephone booth / books booth (Villette/Thônex), Geneva
Bourses de la Ville de Genève 2021 BLCG, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva
I LOVE #ArtisteDici
, la vraie vie, Plaine de Plainpalais 7, Geneva
Exercice de Parade
, Les Halles, Porrentruy
Mille vues du Salève c’est possible, dit « la Mouche »
, Duplex, Geneva
HyperOtlet – Le document dans tous ses états
, Maison des Sciences de l’Homme Paris Nord, Paris
2020Jungkunst 2020, Halle 53, Winterthur
ETC…, Atelier du Nord gallery, Sion
Beauty & Rooms, Palp Festival 2019, Sion
Involvement in the workshop 396/8, Villa Arson, Nice
2018Bourses Déliées 2018, Halle nord, Geneva
Video for Portmanteau Rotary Plate, Halle nord – Capsule 2.49, Genève
Salon artgenève – New Heads Fondation BNP Paribas Art Awards, Palexpo, Geneva
Proxy Paradise – New Heads Fondation BNP Paribas Art Awards, LiveInYourHead, Geneva
2017Minisymposium-livre d’artiste’s conference, HEAD - construction option, Geneva
Le Musée des Erreurs à La Boîte, La Boîte 31 (17 quai de Conti), Paris
Panel discussion about the Oracles book, Bibliothèque Kandinsky Centre Pompidou, Paris
Oracles, P. Leguillon et B. Fedier, editorial conception, editions Patrick Frey, Zürich
2015Invitée, Christopher Gerber gallery, Lausanne
2014Bivouac, Villa du Parc – Contemporary Art Center, Annemasse
Homes to sell, 121 Highland Avenue, Marfa
Annexie épisode 04 : Prohibition. Juice (Galerie Harry Mugwumps), Espace Libre, Bienne
2013Dépôt de Dérive, Projektraum Bethanien, Berlin
2012Titres Provisoires, Minoterie Rodynam, Orbe
2011Ailleurs et Autrement, LiveInYourHead, Geneva

Scholarship / prices / collection

2021Bourse du Commun 2021 for artistic research 
2020Acquisition : collection of the Fonds municipal d’art contemporain of the city of Geneva
2019-2022Beneficiary of the studio Usine, Fonds municipal d’art contemporain, Geneva
2017Bourses Déliées laureate of the Fonds cantonal d’art contemporain, Geneva


2022MAMCO Geneva (Musée d’art moderne et contemporain)
Conservation internship
2018-2022Printing and Publishing Pool, Geneva University of Art and Design
HES assistant of the typography, PAO, publishing workshop
2013-2018Metal workshop, Geneva University of Art and Design
Intermittent assistant (basic training in metallic construction)


in processMaster of Information Sciences
Geneva University of Gestion
2015-2017Master of Fine Arts, work.master orientation (contemporary artistic practice)
Graduated with High Honors, Geneva University of Art and Design
2014-2015Elementary Chinese language certificate
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
2011-2014Bachelor of Fine Arts, de/construction option (sculpture, installation, space)
Graduated with High Honors, Geneva University of Art and Design