65425 tampons

65425 tampons, 2013

paper, ink, steel
installation, variable sizes
301 sheets : 30×35 cm each
made with a mechanical ink stamp
000001 – 065425
A mechanical ink stamp numbered from 000000 to 999999 and 301 blank paper sheets. Starting with 000000, the first paper sheet is repeatedly stamped without moving the tool. Numbers progress mechanically and overlap each other until saturation, revealing shapes or images. After a random stop, the process is repeated on the second sheet of paper without putting the stamp back to 0. 065425 is the last number stamped on the sheet n°301. The pace of the punches is 195 beats per minute. In appendix, a notebook contains the information of every sheet of paper. They are noted in the following form : the sheet number, the first stamped number – the last stamped number / number of punches / number of beats per minute / time in seconds.