A set of tools and instruments which measure, list, classify, organise and archive data which constitue the essence of my work while stressing the diversion of pre-existing systems. According to a pre-determined process, the object of study is probed, then reduced to its simplest aesthetic form, before bringing fullness to its formal skeleton through repetitive gestures and reproductions that inevitably end up causing variations. Each of the repeated movement becomes mechanical, like an industrial machinery.

It is about scales, numbers and classifications and to exhaust their logical systems until they become absurd. Serial and administrative aesthetics result from these combinations. While each project consists of a set of concrete variations, they often reach a point where the produced form exceeds the intended result, like an open score. These protocols add a sensitive and organic touch to the tension between control and excess. This way, the finished object and its process function are intimately bound, by the interdependent nature of the relationship between a unique element and its whole.