Abstract of Title

Abstract of Title, 2014

furniture, digital print
installation, variable sizes
6 posters : DIN A3 format

Exhibition view Homes to sell
21 Highland Avenue, Marfa
In collaboration with Mélanie Veuillet
Photo Mélanie Veuillet
121 Highland avenue, Marfa, Texas: an available space, an amount of archives found in the place. Topographic maps, deeds of sale, of rents and successions since the creation of the city of Marfa in 1883. On the oldest map dating from 1884, the space has been localized: block 16, lot 1. Adopting the role of amateur archivists, a specific research on this place is a four hand investigation. Index cards (contract summaries) are found, on which codes are written that bring us to volume numbers and page numbers (leading to the original contracts). At the foot of a bed, directories which summarize all the information. The display uses the following procedure: on one side is arranged the extraction (maps, index cards, contracts, directories) and on the other a mass of archives, in order to create a dialogue between the entier archives and the extracted information specific of the location. 6 posters are put up on the windows of the space, recapitulating all the extracted information and bringing indications on how to read and understand the installation. They are presented in a specific order, following the same logic as the elements in the space: block 16, lot 1/owners/acquisition dates / numbers of volumes and pages/ THAT I, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD, WITNESS, BEFORE ME, GIVE, (SEAL) / legends.

*Abstact of Title is a legal term in English. In the United States, it’s summaries of legal documents that supply all the data for the purchase of an insurance concerning the sale or the rent of a space.