On-site consultation

books, wood, steel
installation, variable sizes
94 books borrowed
bookshelf : 247 x 30 x 0,27 cm
lectern : 127 x 55 x 47 cm
edition : digital print, cover hot foil stamping
21 x 28 cm
200 pages
consisting of 94 books
1:1 scale reproduction

Exhibition view Proxy Paradise
New Heads Fondation BNP ParibasArt Awards
LiveInYourHead, Geneva
©Head-Raphaëlle Mueller

Dislocation of an extract from Walter Benjamin’s book Unpacking my Library : a talk about book collecting, using the decimal classification system which is a book organisation method used in libraries. The development of a new process of decoding and recoding allows to reconstitute a new book collection, all the books being borrowed from various libraries in Geneva. This new set is a codified translation of the original text. The text becomes object and the library sculpture.